Ultrasurf VPN Review

A free VPN that hides your IP address and lets you search in private.

4 out of 5 stars
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    Download is free and easy to use
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    No registration required for users
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    Slower page loads due to high demand
John Brandon
Editorial Lead, TV, Streaming, & VPN
March 22, 2022
5 min read

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There’s something quite wonderful about realizing you are completely anonymous. You visit a website and don’t see targeted ads everywhere. When you visit a site like WhatIsMyIPAddress.com to track your location, the site doesn’t know who you are. If you visit Google Maps, not even Google can find your current location.

Ultrasurf is a remarkably simple (and free) VPN service that only has one basic feature—namely, it creates a VPN tunnel for your location and hides your actual IP address from advertisers, snooping websites, and monolithic search engine companies like Google. It can even help you access Netflix with more stealth. The VPN service takes seconds to install, so if you decide to use it on multiple desktops and laptops you own, you can expect to get up and running quickly. It's much better than a proxy server, which doesn't help as much with security.

The only minor issue? As we found during our Ultrasurf review, it does not work on Mac computers without an Apple M1 chip, although it is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPods with iOS 10.0 or later. It is also available at the Google Play store.

In this Ultrasurf review, we found it can’t compete with major VPN clients like NordVPN or ExpressVPN, those companies also can’t compete with the fast install, the extreme anonymity, and the fact that the app is entirely free (not just a trial version with limited features).

That said, there is a reason to consider Ultrasurf beyond the fact that it's free. Since there are no restrictions on use, you can load it on every laptop, phone, and device you own. This protects you from things like internet censorship when you travel, watching shows on Netflix, traffic on your home network, streaming movies over the web, secure data backups, and just about anything else you want to do online.

  • Users in over 180 countries
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No registration required to use
  • Quickly obscures your IP address
  • Completely free and easy to download
  • Slower page loads due to high demand
  • Download requires an M1 chip for Mac users.
Pro Tip

Ultrasurf is one of the best ways to stay completely anonymous because it protects your search and doesn’t require personal, identifiable information like your name or email.

Ultrasurf: prices and plans

The only VPN client we've found that is always completely free

Here’s a quick tip for those thinking of using a VPN to protect your Internet connection and stay anonymous: Not all clients are the same.

Some are powerful and offer many advanced features but tend to charge through the nose—up to $12 per month in some cases or even more. Some offer a free version that has limited features or expires after 30-days. Some even appear to offer a genuinely free version, but eventually, you will have to upgrade to a paid version.

With Ultrasurf, the free version is actually free

Ultrasurf pricing and contracts

Free (no contract)


This is surprising in a crowded field of VPN clients. Interestingly, the free version has some advantages over the paid versions.

For starters, you never have to type in a credit card number for the trial enter your name and an email address.

There are only two steps:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Install it.

You never have to register, enter a name or email, type in an address, or do anything except run the VPN service on your computer or on your Android phone. This is remarkable because you can protect your website visits and your identity at the same time.

We tested the VPN app to see if it was working properly which led us to some interesting discoveries.

Mapping programs didn’t know how to locate us. Advertisers couldn’t track our location, either—so on web visits and searches, it was impossible to show banner ads for local apparel stores or any other retailer. Just when you think there is nothing free in life, Ultrasurf offers a VPN app that is free and amazingly helpful.

Ultrasurf No Proxy

Of course, this also means that the VPN app doesn’t offer any extra features. You can’t choose your server location, there is no kill switch (which blocks the Internet entirely if the VPN fails), and there’s no way to adjust the encryption settings. Still, if all you need is a way to protect yourself online and avoid identity and location tracking, Ultrasurf is a great option.

Compare Ultrasurf prices to other VPN providers
Standout feature



Free to all users



Available in 140+ countries



Blocks ads of your choice on all devices



Use VPN without your internet provider knowing

Data effective 3/22/2022. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Ultrasurf: No registration required

Ultrasurf doesn’t require you register or even hand over your email

Not many VPN apps can make a claim about extreme anonymity like Ultrasurf can. The free app does not require any registration or that you provide a name or an email address. You can visit the website and download the installer, then be up and running in seconds without ever revealing anything about yourself.

Similarly, once you start using the service, you never have to add any personal information. This is unique because most paid or trial versions will still require that you identify yourself, at least by using an email address. This is in addition to the Ultrasurf app itself protecting your IP address, encrypting your connection, and hiding your website visits.

The only caveat to mention here is that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can still identify you based on the IP address they provide, and they can still see the Internet bandwidth being consumed (even if they have no way to find out what you are downloading or which sites you visit.) This means you are not completely hidden from all entities. There is always an ISP and they always need to provide an IP address to you.

Ultrasurf: Always free to use

There is no trial version—Ultrasurf is completely free

To say that offering a free version is a feature or a perk might sound unusual. But that’s because Ultrasurf is an unusual VPN app. As stated previously, the download is free which means you don’t have to register and reveal your identity or your location.

Yet, the important point to make here is that there are no “gotchas” later. You won’t be asked to upgrade over time to a paid version because there isn’t a paid version. You won’t have to worry about the trial expiring after seven days or 30 days because there isn’t a trial. This makes offering a free version a unique perk.

For anyone who wants to try out a VPN for the first time, or surf anonymously without having to pay for anything, this VPN provider is a great way to start out.

Ultrasurf: Obscures your IP address in seconds

An ultra-fast download means it is quick to hide your IP address

Ultrasurf has one additional feature worth noting—it is ultra-fast in terms of how quickly you can download it and start using it. Most VPNs provide a quick install process that only takes a few minutes. With Ultrasurf, since you don’t have to enter your personal information or add a credit card, or even select any features to use, the setup can take seconds instead of minutes. The VPN app starts running in the background right away.

This means for every laptop, desktop, tablet or phone you use, you can expect to install the VPN provider and start using it faster. This has a side benefit as well. If you know the installation will be so quick, you might be more likely to start using it on all of the devices you own including those of family members.

Our pick: The best Ultrasurf plan


Who it’s best for: Those who want extreme anonymity for free

Why we recommend it: The VPN client is fast to install and easy to use

IPVanish pricing and contracts



Data effective 3/22/2022. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Recap: Is Ultrasurf good?

Ultrasurf is remarkable because it protects your identity and it’s totally free to use. You never have to register or hand over an email or even your name. Once installed, you can trust it will protect your Internet usage and your privacy. It doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles—and is notably lacking a killswitch—but you get a lot of protection for free.

Prices and plans: Free

Standout features:

  • No registration required
  • Always free to use
  • Obscures your IP address in seconds


As we all know, the word free can be misleading. Sometimes free means limited in features or that it will expire after a set time. Ultrasurf doesn’t even offer a paid version so there is no expiration date to the free version.

John Brandon
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John Brandon
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