Is Ted Lasso Still Good? Figuring It Out with a Diehard Fan

It may not always meet our expectations, but it still makes us feel good

Tyler Abbott
Staff Writer, Mobile & Wireless
May 24, 2023
7 min read

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Tyler Abbott (streaming, sports and smartphone expert): Alright, let's talk about Ted Lasso, the aggressively cute show that's so cute and never stop being cute. But uhhhh, did it stop being good Chantel??

Chantel Buchi (streaming and sports expert): I hate to admit it, but I was a hater of this third season until maybe episode 8 (available on Apple TV+). AND THEN it finally started feeling like the Ted Lasso show that we all know and love!

TA: Yeah, let's start there. In all honesty, I quit Ted Lasso half-way through this season. It just became overwhelmingly cheesy to me. And I get that's a huge part of what makes the show so likable, and I certainly dug it for the first season, but every time the "Diamond Dogs" mounted up, the cringe was stronger than the humor.

But! You talked me into sticking it out and I'm glad I did. I've enjoyed the last three episodes!

Admittedly, I think that's largely because I just lowered my expectations a bunch.

CB:   I can definitely see how you found those first episodes as cheesy! Especially with Zava and Shandy. 

I had a hard time wrapping my mind around the show adding in new characters and new storylines when I thought they should’ve been focusing on wrapping up all of its current stories with a nice bow with it being the last season! 

I'm glad you stuck it out too because the show is finally going the direction Ted Lasso fans were looking for.

CB:   I can definitely see how you found those first episodes as cheesy! Especially with Zava and Shandy. 

I had a hard time wrapping my mind around the show adding in new characters and new storylines when I thought they should’ve been focusing on wrapping up all of its current stories with a nice bow with it being the last season! 

I'm glad you stuck it out too because the show is finally going the direction Ted Lasso fans were looking for.

TA: Yeah, the Zava arc was only interesting up until he was actually on the team. The process of getting him was pretty entertaining (shouts to Rebecca Welton for the urinal sales pitch), but once he got there, it seemed like the writers didn't know what to do with him (other than to make a parody of Aaron Rogers and Kyrie Irving).

But I guess the whole thing was to set up the theme of togetherness?? That they didn't need star talent to win??

CB: It's funny you say that because he was reminding me of Aaron Rodgers—his "me" attitude with his slicked back low ponytail.

Zava from Ted Lasso

Image source: Apple TV+ PR

You make a good point! And it did lead to Jamie wanting to be THE BEST and to the comical scenes with him and Roy.

TA: You're right, if Zava was just a stepping stone to get to the Roy/Jamie bromance, it was probably worth it.

CB: Agreed.

TA: I'm not sure if any character in show history had a bigger heel turn than Jamie Tartt. Went from a cocky a-hole, to like, the sweetest man ever overnight.

I'm not sure why that happened, but if I've learned anything from Ted Lasso, it's better to just not ask questions and enjoy the ride.

CB: I'd argue that the bigger heel turn was with Nate!

I thought Jamie was still funny in his own way when he was narcissistic, but Nate was unnecessarily mean to Ted Lasso—the guy who believed in him when no one else did—and then betrayed the entire team by coaching at West Ham!

Image source: Apple TV+ PR

TA: Oh, absolutely. Nate's descent into the darkside didn't seem earned at all. I think it was mostly based around the fact that he didn't get the seat he wanted at a restaurant he liked. Which is the somber reminder that Ted Lasso logic is closer to Saved by the Bell than a real prestige show, like Succession (available on Max).

And I think that's okay! But Ted Lasso tried to parade itself as too much of a dramedy for the past 1.5-ish seasons. I couldn't believe we were spending so much time having panic attacks with Ted and basically no time on the soccer pitch.

But you generally liked last season, right?

CB: How dare you.

TA: Hahaha.

CB: Ted Lasso is better than Succession.

(I’ve never seen Succession, but I have a feeling.)

TA: Hahaha

CB: All three seasons of Lasso have a different feel, don’t they?

The first season had more comedy and pitch action. The second season, I thought it was a true dramedy. And yes, I really did like the second season! But I could see that it’s because I tend to like drama shows.

We got to dive deeper into each character. We got to see why Jamie was who he was, Roy and Keeley got together, Sam and Rebecca matched, Ted Lasso had panic attacks because of his divorce, etc.

The second season helped humanize each character and allowed us to relate.

Image source: Apple TV+ PR

TA: That's a good point, and I guess it's a matter of taste, all the story arcs you mentioned from season two just did nothing for me. It didn't make me laugh much, or smile much, mostly sad? And I can get sad from all kinds of shows, Ted Lasso was supposed to be an escape from the drudgery of prestige TV!

I say that as a guy who LOVED the first season. All I really wanted was Parks and Recreation mixed with the sports side of Friday Night Lights, and it was glorious while we had that with Lasso. So far, it seems like season three is trying to compromise the first two seasons and lean into its strengths a little more.

CB: Ok, now that you say that, I would not have been opposed to a Parks and Rec meets Friday Night Lights type of show (psst…Peacock).

TA: Mixed with Premier League soccer drama on top of all that?! Such a great recipe for a show. I just don't think we ever needed to get into the details of Ted Lasso's tragic past.

CB: So, are you saying that maybe I'm wanting too much of season two vibes in season three?

TA: I think you're totally right for being lukewarm on season three, because that's mostly what it's been, until Ted had his epiphany in the American-themed restaurant for Total Football. Yes, Ted Lasso devising a brilliant soccer strategy from Michael Jordan highlights will probably make any devout soccer fans roll their eyes, but it has been super fun to see Ted actually coach the team (which has been a pet peeve of mine for most of the show). 

I have no idea what he has been doing as coach before this happened.

CB: And what better way to devise this strategy from an American league than in that American-themed restaurant serving American-sized portions?

TA: So fast-forward to the most recent episode, what are your favorite storylines happening right now?

CB: Oh boy, too many to count.

Keeley and Roy are back together.

Rebecca is free from Rupert altogether.

Nate is becoming a good guy again and he's maybe back at Richmond? 

And we finally saw Sam and Rebecca talk to each other! So there better be more where that came from.

TA: I thought it was interesting that we both liked the last episode so much despite the fact that Jason Sudekis is barely in it!

Is Ted low-key becoming one of the less interesting characters? The schtick might be getting a little old, even though I love Sudekis and the idea of the character.

CB: Hmm.. you might be onto something. I love his jokes and analogies. But I do wonder what we'll see happen with him in the next two episodes.

A prediction I have is that he'll get back together with his ex-wife and move back to the US with her and his son. Maybe go back to coaching American football.

And Coach Beard will take over AFC Richmond.

Ted, Beard, and Ted's son on Ted Lasso

Image source: Apple TV+ PR

TA: Oooh yes, let's end there. Predictions! I agree with your Ted prediction, there's definitely been no legitimate love interest for Ted as a vehicle to get through his divorce. My boy needs to get back to his family, and I'm pretty confident we're going that way. What I'd love is his family joining him in England in the end (but again, Ted probably isn't qualified to coach soccer long term).

Okay, but I think Ted will give the keys to Nate to coach AFC Richmond in the end.

CB: Oh, yes! That makes even more sense. Nate, from towel boy to head coach.

Last prediction on the coaches for me: I hope Jane and Beard break up.

We still have to see if Rebecca's fortune comes true about a baby. What do you think will happen between Sam and Rebecca?

TA: Oh man, I have no idea. I think Sam has a thing for the woman who works at his restaurant? But if I had to guess, I think Sam and Rebecca get back together.

CB: Oh yeah... hmm...

At least for the baby part, whether she's with Sam or not, I think she adopts.

TA: I agree. Any chance we see Jamie get with Roy's sister? Gosh, I hope so!

CB: I thought the same thing! I hope so too. If he can't have Keeley, Roy has got to be cool with Jamie dating his sister.

Image source: Apple TV+ PR

I also think Trent Crimm goes on to write the best soccer/football book ever.

TA: I love making Trent a more prominent character on the show. I'd love to see him and Colin end up together, but I'm wondering if Trent is more of a mentor than anything else to Colin.

I guess it would be kind of weird if the show just shipped all our favorite characters together....But I still think they should do it.

CB: Oh, yeah. I think he's more of a mentor. We've also seen Colin be into guys his own age, haha.

But I definitely wouldn’t hate it.

TA: That’s all the Ted Lasso I got today Chantel, thanks for talking it through with me.

CB: My pleasure!!All three seasons of Ted Lasso are streaming now on Apple TV+.

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